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Kirghizia's long sword grazed the SeaWing's webs on his long fin across his stomach.  The huge blue dragon roared in pain, and Kirghizia swung again.  Finally, Kirghizia stabbed the SeaWing's tail and the dragon shrieked and Kirghizia stabbed it through the neck, slicing its head clean off.  Kirghizia smiled and raised her sword high.  Yes, Kirghizia was the best of the dragonslayers, the best of them all!


"Feint!  Jab!"  Chyna shrieked as Kirghizia swung her long sword, and even though it was in a smooth, harmless plastic case, Chyna spun around to dodge it.  Kirghizia spun a backhandle so Chyna was forced to use her long dagger to block her chest from being speared...even though she was wearing a thick steel breastplate.  "You need to be useful to be my sidekick!" Kirghizia shouted as Chyna cowered behind a rock formation.