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nfic by Kirby and Stuffed. We will take turns writing chapters, with each a different viewp oint of the scavnegers.

Chapter OneEdit

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!Get away from me ya big fat lizard!". I was being chased by a SkyWing, the most powerful dragon to be.

At least i thought so.Fire stung my back as the SkyWing breathed on my neck.

I really need to stop stealing treasure,everytime I do they find me.

Who is they?Dragons.

THey have taken over the world.And unfortnetly I am alive during this.

My life is pretty bad.All I have are my firends Farin and Calcite.

Also clothes and a house not far from the sea.After all dragons domained the earth and now they had queens.

Queens who protected them,sort've.

I wheezed and finally gave up.I fell back on the ground and the SkyWing caught up.

I pulled out a sword and that was the rest of it. 

Chapter TwoEdit


I pulled out my minature sword and stabbed the SkyWing.


"And STAY OUT!" I yelled back.

"Jyrocus! Gawd, be more careful!" I said and helped him up.

"SkyWings are the baddest of all the dragons I know."

"Oh, um Farin, thanks." Jyrocus said.

"Sure. SkyWings don't like me, I don't like them back." Farin said.

Black Sky came out of the bushes. "Gawd! You stabbed one of the Queen's best guards."

Calcite came out of the bushes too. "Jyrocus. Hop on board." He hopped on Calcite's back.

"I don't think it is nice to ride dragons. It  hurts their back. Well if yours is a... GeodeWing!" Farin said studying Calcite.

"Yep." Jyrocus. "Well, he can't exactly feel the pain because he has a layer of geodes, but... derp."

"Meet us at the Siafire River." Farin and Blacky waved and headed to the Siafire River.

But of course, Jyrocus had his own version of travel with Calcite

Chapter ThreeEdit

"Thanks"I said to Farin."I thought I was going to die".

She smiled.

"Your welcome,"she replied.

"I'm am going to stop by the castle,"I said.

Being prince of my scaveger tribe I have access to every room in the castle.Except to secret room.

"I want to go in the secret room more then anything"I said to Farin.

"I know"she said."Me too".

They walked together to the castle occasionally talking about something.When the reached it there was a patrol of guards.

"Let's follow"he whispered to Farin.

They walked behind the soilders quietly until the guards came to a stop.

They turned into a room.A room Jyrocus know well.

The secret room.